A. Courtney DeVries

Psychobiology, Behavioral Endocrinology, Behavioral Pharmacology, Neuroendocrine Mechanisms Underlying Social Behavior and Stress, Mechanisms of Neuroplasticity Following Neuronal Injury and Cerebral Ischemia.

Dr. DeVries studies the effects of social stress on the histological and behavioral consequences of experimental stroke (focal cerebral ischemia) in mice. Among the stroke-induced behavioral alterations assessed are somatosensory function, cognitive function, social interaction, sexual motivation, anxiety, and depression. Additional research interests include studying the role of stress hormones in motivated behaviors such as social bonding and drug-seeking behaviors. Students can expect to learn skills in animal behavior assessment, small animal surgery, neurosurgery, histology, blood sampling techniques, hormonal manipulations, microdialysis, as well as radioimmunoassays and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays of blood factors.