Erica Glasper

1835 Neil Avenue Mall
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1222 USA
Phone: 614-538-9540
Fax: 614-451-3116


B.S.Psychology Minor:Biology 2002 Randolph-Macon College
M.A. Psychology 2002 The Ohio State University
Ph.D.Psychology 2006 The Ohio State University (expected)

Research Interests

I am a fourth year Ph. D. student enrolled in the Psychobiology and Behavioral Neuroscience program in the Psychology Department of The Ohio State University. For the past three years, I have been working in Dr. A. Courtney DeVries’ laboratory.

My research focuses on social influences on physiology and behavior, with an emphasis on health measures that contain an immunological component. My Master's thesis investigated social influences on wound healing in monogamous and polygynous species. Our lab has previously shown that social bonding can improve wound healing. I was able to characterize the physiological mechanisms underlying social facilitation of wound healing and identify interventions that can be used to improve wound healing among individuals with low levels of positive social interaction. I am currently working on projects examining social influences on stroke recovery. Specifically, I am attempting to identify ways to decrease neuronal death and improve peripheral immune function following stroke .

My studies incorporate behavioral, genetic, and pharmacological interventions.

Honors & Awards

Chi Beta Phi, National Scientific Honorary, Randolph-Macon College

Gamma Sigma Alpha, National Greek Academic Honor Society, Randolph-Macon College

Omicron Delta Kappa, National Leadership Honorary, Randolph-Macon College

Beta Beta Beta, National Biology Honorary, Randolph-Macon College

2002 Senior Research Award, Randolph-Macon College

2005-2007 Society for Neuroscience Minority Fellowship

2005 Psychoneuroimmunological Research Society Trainee Travel Award


Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Individual Fellowship, NINDS Support from 07/05 thru 02/07 Total cost $33,432

National Institute for Neurological Disorders/ Stroke Research Supplement Support from 07/01/02 thru 06/30/04 Total cost $62,691


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Love, G., Torrey, N., McNamara, I., Morgan, M., Banks, M., Wightman, N., Glasper, E. R., DeVries, A. C., Kinsley, C. H., & Lambert, K. G. 2005. Maternal experience produces long lasting behavioral and neuroanatomical modifications in the rat. Behavioral Neuroscience, 119(4):1084-1096.
Neigh, G.N., Glasper, E.R., Bilbo, S.D., Traystman, R. J., & DeVries, A.C. 2005 Cardiac Arrest/Cardiopulmonary resuscitation augments cell-mediated immune function and transiently suppresses humoral immune function. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, 25:1424-1432.
Glasper, E.R. & DeVries, A.C. 2005 Social structure influences effects of pair housing on wound healing. Brain Behavior Immunity, 19(1):61-8.
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DeVries, A.C., Glasper, E.R. & Detillion, C.E. 2003. Social modulations of stress responses. Hormones and Behavior, 79:399-407.

In Review

Quach, T.T., Massicotte, G., Glasper, E.R., Reibel, S., Duchemin, A.M., Mutin, M., Auvergnon, N., Berlin, M.F., DeVries, A.C., Baudry, M., Kolattukudy, P.E.K. Structural and functional impairments in hippocampus of CRMP3-deficient mice. In review.
Craft, T.K.S., Zhang, N., Glasper, E.R., and DeVries, A.C. Neonatal factors influence stroke outcome in adult mice. In review.
Martin, L.B. 2nd, Glasper, E.R., Nelson, R.J. and DeVries, A.C. Prolonged separation delays wound healing in California mice. In review.
Neigh, G.N., Glasper, E. R., Bowers, S. L., Popovich, P., DeVries, A. C. Prior exposure to restraint increases post-cardiac arrest/cardiopulmonary resuscitation anxiety-like behavior and activated microglia. In prep.
Glasper, E.R., Zhang, N., Craft, T.K.S., Barden, N., & DeVries, A.C. Decreased glucocorticoid receptor expression comprises survival following experimental stroke and exacerbates histological and functional outcomes. In prep.
Glasper, E.R., Zhang, N., Craft, T.K.S., & DeVries, A.C. Suppression of immune response in mice exposed to brief maternal separation. In prep.
Lin, S.M., Campbel, T., Glasper, E.R., Conway, A., Kinsely, C.H., & Lambert, K.G. Activity-stress-induced "downsizing" of hippocampal pyramidal and granule cell layers in male Long-Evans rats. In review.
Glasper, E.R., & DeVries, A.C. Social Interactions alter wound healing. In prep.
Glasper, E.R., Alexander, J. K., Craft, T. K. S., & DeVries, A.C. Suppression of immune response in mice exposed to brief maternal separation. In prep.

Society Memberships

Society for Behavioral Neuroendocinology

Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society

Society for Neuroscience


11/05 - 11/08 Minority Education, Training, and Professional Advancement Committee (METPAC) Member Society for Neuroscience
04-05 Brain Awareness Week Participant The Ohio State University and COSI
9/04 - 6/05 Teachers Assistant The Ohio State University, Psychology Department
7/03 – 6/04 Mentor The Ohio State University, Office of Minority Affairs, Academic Advancement Services
5/03 - present Graduate Student Research Mentor The Ohio State University
9/02 - 1/03 Graduate Student Advisor The Ohio State University, Minority Psychological Association