Tara K. S. Craft

1835 Neil Avenue Mall
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1222 USA
Phone: 614-538-9540
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Email: craft.230@osu.edu


B.S.Neuroscience & Psychology 2000 Allegheny College
M.A. Psychology 2004 The Ohio State University
Ph.D.Psychology 2005 The Ohio State University (expected)

Research Interests

I joined the laboratory of Dr. A. Courtney DeVries in the summer of 2001. After completing my surgical training at Johns Hopkins University, under the direction of Dr. Patricia Hurn and Dr. Nuobo Sugo, I began my graduate research at The Ohio State University, using the middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) technique to assess the effects of sociobiological factors on stroke outcome.

My primary research interest is the effects of perinatal stress on stroke outcome. Previous studies from our lab have shown that increased concentrations of endogenous glucocorticoids severely compromise stroke outcome. By following a postnatal handling paradigm, which has been shown in rodents to decrease hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activation in response to stress, we expected to improve post-stroke outcome. Instead, we found that brief maternal separation during early infancy actually exacerbates the negative effects of stroke in adulthood. I am currently investigating the possible mechanisms behind this finding. I am also beginning to investigate the effects of extended maternal separation and prenatal stress on stoke outcome. Ultimately, these studies should illustrate how minor manipulations during critical developmental periods can have long-term health consequences.

Honors & Awards

Cum Laude - Allegheny College

Psi Chi Honor Society

2003 Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum, 3rd place for Social and Behavioral Sciences

Trainee Travel Award, PNIRS Annual Meeting, Titisee, Germany. March 2004

Herbert Toops Award, departmental award for outstanding doctoral dissertation proposal. The Ohio State University, May 2005

Travel Aard, ANnual ISPNE Conference, Montreal, Canada June 2005

Eli Lilly/SfN Chapters Graduate Student Travel Award, 3rd place for Ohio chapter to attend Annual SfN Conference, Washington, D.C. June 2005


The Ohio State University Presidential Award Support from 06/05 thru 06/06

The American Heart Association (AHA), Southern and Ohio Valley Research Consortium, Pre-doctoral fellowship Declined to accept Presidential Fellowship Total cost $18,000


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Craft, T.K.S., Mahoney, J.H., DeVries, A.C. & Sarter, M. 2005. Microsphere embolism-induced cholinergic deafferentation and impairments in attentional performance. European Journal of Neuroscience, in press
Craft, T.K.S., Glasper, E.R., McCullough, L., Zhang, N., Sugo, N., Otsuka, T., Hurn, P.D., & DeVries, A.C. 2005. Social interaction improves stroke outcome. Stroke, in press

In Review

Craft, T.K.S., Zhang, N., Glasper, E.R. & DeVries, A.C. 2005. Neonatal factors influence stroke outcome in adult mice.
Khanna, S., Roy, S., Slivka, A., Craft, T.K.S., Chaki, S., Rink, C., Notestine, P., DeVries, A.C., & Sen, C.K. 2005. Molecular basis of Vitamin E action: Potent neuroprotective properties of a-tocotrienol in cultured neurons and against stroke in rodents.
Craft, T.K.S. & DeVries, A.C. 2005. IL-1 mediates depressive-like behavior in post-stroke mice.
Glasper, E.R., Craft, T.K.S., & DeVries, A.C. 2005. Suppression of immune response in mice exposed to brief maternal separation. in prep

Abstracts and Presentations

1999-2000 Senior Project and Thesis, Symposium Presentation. "Responses of Female Rats to the Odors of Males: The Effects of Estrus and Major Histocompatibility Complex Variations in Determining Mate Preferences." Allegheny College, Meadville, PA.
2002 Society for Neuroscience, Abstract and Poster Presentation. "Depressive-Live Behavior in Mice Following Stroke." Orlando, FL.
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2003 Society for Neuroscience, Press Conference. Pregnancy and the Brain. New Orleans, LA.
2004 Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society, Abstract and Oral Presentation. "IL-1B Mediates Post-Stroke Depressive-Like Behaviors in Mice." Titisee, Germany.
2004 Society for Neuroscience, Abstract and Poster Presentation. "Neonatal factors influence stroke outcome." San Diego, CA.
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2005 Research Seminar Series (Nelson and DeVries Laboratories), Oral Presentation. "Perinatal Experiences Influence Stroke Outcome." Columbus, OH.

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Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society

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