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Lab Photos

Contact Info:

Prof. Julie Golomb

201 Lazenby Hall
1827 Neil Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

golomb.9 @ osu.edu

Lab Photos!

JG Lab - Fall 2016
(Top row: Matt, Jiageng, Xiaoli, Julie, Emma, Julius;
Front:: Dan, Samoni, Janie)

Golomb and Leber labs pumpkin carving party (Halloween 2016)

JG Lab - Fall 2015
(Top row: Janie, Jiageng, Marshall, Julie, Nonie, Xiaoli, Elyssa;
Middle row: Avni, Dan, Anna, Marina;
Front: Katie, Michela)

Golomb, Leber, & Krajbich labs ski trip - Winter 2015

Lab gingerbread house competition (Fall 2014)

JG Lab - Fall 2014
(Top row: Anna, Avni, Michela, Xiaoli, Carina, Robbie;
Bottom row: Nonie, Brad, Julie, Dan, Lilli)

Women in Science Photo - Fall 2014
Xiaoli (grad student), Julie (faculty), Anna (lab manager),
Avni (undergrad), Nonie (postdoc)

Golomb/Leber labs - Center for Cognitive & Brain Sciences
Retreat 2014 (Mohican State Park)

Golomb, Leber, & Bernhardt-Walther Labs - VSS 2014
Top row: Heeyoung, Andrew, Yoolim, Bo-Yeong, Julie, Rachael, Colin, Andy;
Bottom row: Anna, Nonie, Dan

JG Lab Photo - Fall 2013
Top row: Carina, Julie, Colin, Adeel; Bottom row: Avni, Lena, Nonie

Golomb/Leber Labs Halloween lab meeting - Fall 2013

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