Lindquist Laboratory


PSYCH 3313 - Intro to Behavioral Neuroscience

Introduction to the structure and function of the nervous system in relation to behavior.

PSYCH 4305 - Intro to Psychopharmacology

Introduction to the psychology of licit and illicit psychoactive drug use.

PSYCH 4501 - Advanced Behavioral Neuroscience

The neurobiological underpinnings of central nervous system dysfunction, including those related to development, mood, anxiety, etc.

PSYCH 5600 - Psychobiology of Learning and Memory

The study of principles which underlie the discovery, fixation, and retention of behavior; emphasis on theoretical formulation of the conditions necessary for learning and remembering.

PSYCH 5898 - Seminar in Behavioral Neuroscience

Team-taught seminar on selected topics from contemporary research areas in the field of behavior neuroscience.

PSYCH 6806 - Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Graduate course examining the neural circuitry that underlies multiple forms of learning and memory, with an emphasis of the neurophysiological correlates of learning.

PSYCH 7898 - Advanced Seminar in Behavioral Neuroscience

Graduate course for BN/NGSP students in Psychology department.

NGSP 7002 - Foundations in Neuroscience

Graduate course for incoming NGSP students, presents an over view of brain and higher-order cognitive function.