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Research Assistants


2008 - 2009

David Gallant

David joined the research team Fall of 2008 and looks to graduate Spring of 2010 with a BA of Psychology.  He performed all of the less-than-glamorous aspects of research without breaking stride; researching and summarizing countless psychological journals, offering input on the creation (and recreation) of the research design model, and entering the mountains of data gathered.  David hasn't yet decided what graduate path he wants to take after his bachelors degree, but is currently considering a doctorate of psychology.

Adam Lanter

Adam came on board Fall of 2008 and will graduate Spring of 2009 with a BA of Psychology.  Already an experienced researcher, he helped write measures, research articles, summarize literature, perform statistical analyses and always shared his wealth of practical advice with his fellow researchers.  After graduation Adam plans to continue his education by pursuing a doctoral program in psychology.

Mike Leone


Mike joined the research team Summer of 2008 and plans to graduate Spring of 2011 with a BS of Psychology.  He put in many lab hours performing various duties including background research, writing article summaries, gathering and entering experimental data and refining the research design.  He plans to go to graduate school for a PsyD or PhD in either counseling or developmental psychology, eventually focusing his practice around adolescents.

Tremaine Presley

Tremaine became a member of the lab group Spring of 2008 graduated Winter of 2009 with a BA of Psychology.  She, too, helped with all the behind the scenes research from literature searches to data analysis and entry to participant recruitment.  She plans to pursue a doctorate degree in clinical psychology, specializing in child and adolescent research.

Matthew Sigler


Matt joined the research team Fall of 2008 and graduated Winter of 2009 with a BA of Psychology.  In addition to creating this web page, he assisted in literature searches and analyses, data collection, and creation of the research design.  Matt was also the self-proclaimed lab organizer. He plans to obtain a PhD in clinical psychology and work with the U.S. Military on soldier's mental health issues.



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