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Psych 699


Psychology students have the opportunity to participate in research experiences under the supervision of a faculty member. Research experience strengthens an undergraduate degree and is strongly recommended for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in psychology, as well as for students desiring to develop research skills as a job skill.



To obtain course credit (Psychology 699) for research experiences, students must have completed Psychology 100 and an additional nine credit hours in psychology courses and obtain permission of the faculty member who will supervise the opportunity. Although they are not prerequisites for Psychology 699, Psychology 300 (Introduction to Research Methods) and Statistics 145 or 245 or Psychology 320 are recommended.


Students may take up to 15 credit hours in Psychology 699, but no more than six hours of any combination of Psychology 489, Psychology 693, and Psychology 699 will be counted towards fulfilling major requirements.



To apply for a Psych699 experience with the Adolescence Research Center, please Click Here.


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