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Department Faculty

John Opfer

Research interests

Conceptual development; representation; categorization, analogy and induction; numerical cognition

Recent Publications

Kanayet, F. J., Opfer, J. E., & Cunningham, W. A. (2014). The value of numbers in economic rewards. Psychological Science, 25, 1534–1545.

Opfer, J. E., & Martens, M. M. (2012). Learning without representational change: Development of numerical estimation in individuals with Williams' Syndrome. Developmental Science, 15, 863 - 875.

Thompson, C. A., & Opfer, J. E. (2010). How 15 hundred is like 15 cherries: Effect of progressive alignment on representational changes in numerical cognition. Child Development, 81, 1768 - 1786.


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