Application for 699 Research Assistant Position

(Strunk Lab)

Name E-mail
Phone Best time(s) to reach you by phone
Expected Quarter and Year of Graduation (e.g., Spring, 2011) Overall GPA
What is your major? GPA in major
For how many quarters do you expect to be able to work in the lab? (e.g., 3 quarters) How many credit hours per quarter would you like to earn in the lab?
[For every credit hour, you should plan to put it about 3 hours per week]

Please list any relevant coursework you have taken. (e.g., statistics, abnormal psychology)

Please list in the box below any previous research experience you might have had.  This can include other 699 opportunities, etc.

Please list in the box below the days and hours you would be available beginning autumn quarter.  The more specific you can be about this, the better.

Please briefly state why you are interested in this experience and how (if it all) it might tie in to your career goals.