Self and Social Motivation Lab News

  • Here you can read about all the new and exciting events happening in the lab!


Honors and Awards:

  • Dr. Crocker was awarded a spot on the Heritage Wall of Fame for the Foundation of Personality and Social Psychology!
  • Dr. Crocker was awarded the 2014 SESP Scientific Impact Award!


New Publications:

  • Dr. Crocker and Dr. Canevello have a new book chapter titled For Better or Worse: Compassionate Goals Create Good Relationships in Good Times and Bad which will appear in C. R. Knee & H. T. Reis (Eds.) Positive approaches to optimal relationship development.
  • A new article has been published using the French translation of the CSW Scale, Kempenaers,C., DeBoeck, P., Dehon, C., Braun, S., & Linkowski, P. (2014) Metric invariance of the French version of the Contingencies of Self-Worth Scale. Comprehensive Psychology, 3, 22.

    The first author is Chantal Kempenaers contact at


Accomplishments of Lab Members:

Other Noteworthy Lab Activities:

  • Three lab members will be presenting at SPSP this month! Below are the times of their various presentations.
    • Deborah Holoien will be presenting in a symposium on February 27th from 11:15 to 12:30 PM with Hilary Bergsieker, Nicole Shelton, and Jan Marie Alegre titled Desire to Affiliate and Accuracy in Understanding Cross-Race Partners

    • Dominik Mischkowski will be presenting a poster on February 28th from 8:00-9:30 AM titled The Physical Pain-killer Acetaminophen increases Social Pain
    • Pin-ya Tseng will be presenting a poster on February 28th from 8:00-9:30 AM titled The Effects of Compassionate Goals in Giving Feedback