Lab Director

Andy Leber

Associate Professor, Psychology

Associate Director, Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

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Graduate Students

Yoolim Hong

M.A., Yonsei University


Undergraduate Assistants



Bo-Yeong Won (Postdoc: 2014-2016)
   After CCLab: Postdoc, Department of Psychology, UC Davis
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Jessica Irons (Postdoc: 2014-2018)
   After CCLab: Behavioural Science Specialist, Australian Government
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Graduate Students:

Erika Wells (Ph.D. 2012)
   After CCLab: Visiting Assistant Professor, Union College
   Current: Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Boston University

Jennifer Lechak Claydon (Ph.D. 2013)
   After CCLab: Director of Disability Support Services, Fairfield University
   Current: Assistant Director, Training Assessment, Center for Teaching & Learning, Yale University

Undergraduate Thesis Students:

Brendan Everett (B.A. 2010)
   After CCLab: M.D. Program, University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ

Elizabeth Weber Ollen (B.A. 2010)
   After CCLab: M.A. Program, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University
   Current: Ph.D. Program, Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology, Clark University

Erin Kuta (B.A. 2011)
   After CCLab: Research Coordinator, Tufts Medical Center
                         MPH/RD Program, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Sarah Tower-Richardi (B.A. 2011)
   After CCLab: Research Assistant, Tufts University Department of Psychology
   Current: Senior Analyst, Anderson Robbins Research

Ryan O'Toole (B.S. 2012)
   After CCLab: Research Assistant, Sanford Medical Center, University of South Dakota
   Current: Ph.D. Program, Neuroscience, Dartmouth University

Mark Scimone (B.S. 2013)
   After CCLab: M.A. Program, Biomedical Engineering, Brown University
   Current:  Ph.D. Program, Biomedical Engineering, Brown University

Rebecca Freeman (B.S. 2016)
   After CCLab: D.D.S. Program, University of Michigan

Lydia Kwong (B.S. 2017)
   After CCLab: M.A. Program, Bioethics, Duke University

Additional Lab Personnel (selected):

Rachael Gwinn (Full-time Research Assistant / Lab Manager, 2012-2014)
   After CCLab: Ph.D. Program, Department of Psychology, Ohio State University

Beau Snoad (B.A. 2016, Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014-2016)
   After CCLab: Research Assistant, University of Iowa


Needa Toofanny

B.S. expected 2019

Postdoctoral Researchers

Spiritual Guide

Lisa Heisterberg

B.S., University of Arizona

Zhaojie (Zoe) Zhang

B.A. expected 2019

Heather Hansen


Also working with Zeynep Saygin

Paul Scotti

B.S., George Washington University


Also working with  Julie Golomb

Molly McKinney

B.A. expected 2019

Ayala Allon

Ph.D., Tel Aviv University

[researchgate] [GitHub]

Elliot Ping

B.S. expected 2020

Katherine Friess

B.S. expected 2020

Eric Reinhart

B.S. expected 2020

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OSU Academy / High School Volunteer

Aisha Ayub

Dana Shaw

B.S. expected 2020