ARTphone: Documentation and Matlab Code



ARTphone model equations and parameters


This document describes in greater detail the ARTphone model simulated in Pitt, Myung and Altierie (in press, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review). The model is a variation of ARTphone introduced originally by Grossberg, Boardman and Cohen (1997). (Here is a pdf version of the same document in case equation symbols donít show correctly on your computer screen.)




Commented MATLAB programs used in simulations in Pitt, Myung and Altierie (in press) are provided.




Grossberg, S., Boardman, I. & Cohen, M. (1997). Neural dynamics of variable-rate speech categorization. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 23(2), 481 Ė 503.


Pitt, M. A., Myung, J. I. & Altieri, N. (2007). Modeling the word recognition data of Vitevitch and Luce (1998): Is it ARTful? Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 14, 442-448.