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The Cognitive and Affective Influences in Decision making (CAIDe) Lab focuses on the affective and cognitive mechanisms that underlie decision making. We are currently particularly interested in numeric competencies and the processing of numeric and non-numeric sources of information, as well as the role of attention in judgment and choice. Although we often conduct hypothetical studies in the lab, we also get out in the "real world" and study the generalizability of our theories to health, environmental, and economic judgments and decisions.

Dr. Peters on Presentation of Medical Information

How can medical information best be presented? [video webcast] (2014, October 23)
Source: Vaccines Today.

Rasch-based Numeracy Scale

The 8-item Rasch-based numeracy scale developed by Weller, Dieckmann, Tusler, Murtz, Burns, and Peters (2013) is a shorter, psychometrically improved measure of numeracy. The scale assesses a broader range of difficulty and is a better predictor of risk judgments than prior measures. For a copy of the scale or paper, click here.